Victory Drill Book

Victory Drill Book

The Victory Drill Book offers a systematic approach to high speed phonetic reading.  Whether in a structured classroom or homeschool setting, the Victory Drill Book will help ensure your students’ ongoing success in all areas of education.

An easy formula to teach reading!

The Victory Drill Book program works for the beginning, struggling and growing reader. Lists of words are strategically grouped together by phonetic sounds.  With the emphasis on speed, your students will transition from “sounding out” to reading whole words automatically.

We make learning fun and exciting!

Victory Drill Book

Your beginning, struggling, and growing readers all benefit!

Updated Third Version on sale now!  Same great content with a few minor changes to enhance the flow of words, story structure, and revised Phonics Rules and Syllable Types.

As students finish each page at the speed calibrated for the specific grade level, they move on to the next page where new instructions and sounds are mastered for a rapid and accurate response to each word.  So let the fun begin!

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