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The Victory Drill Book program supports all stages of learning to read.  Students will develop fluency in reading through using their knowledge of the phonetic letter sounds in conjunction with rules governing pronunciation to rapidly sound out words.  The key to success is helping the learner blend together sounds until they recognize a familiar sounding word.  Repeated practice through the page by page drills, makes recognition of words become instantaneous.  Once words are easily recognized, this automatic response allows the learner to focus on comprehension.  For over 50 years, the Victory Drill Book has brought outstanding success to thousands of eager readers!

Updated Third Version on sale now!  Same great content with a few minor changes to enhance the flow of words on each page, story structure, and revised Phonics Rules and Syllable Types to meet the needs of Today’s Learners!

Click here to view Common Core State Standards addressed in the Victory Drill Book.

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